Saturday, April 3, 2010


The other day the local television news did a spot about Easter. The focus was how church leaders were choosing to provide simpler Easter services this year, and they are doing away with some of the audacious pageantry of the past due to hard economic times. Our church has absolutely cut way back this year.

For the television spot, three pastors from three different area churches were interviewed. The comments of one pastor really stood out. He said, “I think that what people are looking for is authenticity. They want to know that what is being said from the pulpit is what is being lived out in the lives of the people on the stage.” He’s right. My hope for this blog is that I can help to shine a light on the hidden corners of our own spiritual house so that we can be more authentic in our walk—and ultimately in our testimony.

Sadly, the words of the pastor who spoke so eloquently about authenticity did not ring true. They lacked credibility—for me anyway. The man speaking was the very same pastor who several years ago accused me of saying things I didn’t say and doing things I didn’t do. He succumbed to the gossip of one person, who in the end was given my job. Since then I have heard this man preach numerous messages about the importance of truth, relationships, and reconciliation, yet he has again and again refused my requests for restoration. I question his authenticity.

Failing to live according to the values we profess to hold dear is the very definition of hypocrisy. Every one of us have had days when our authenticity could be called into question. Every single one of us have, at times, behaved like a foolish hypocrite. Rather than deny that truth, acknowledge it! I want to get off the pew and ask God to reveal my hypocrisies. I pray for the strength and courage to stand for my convictions and to be a truly authentic child of God.

My desire is that I will be authentic in my life and deed. I challenge you to the same. Get off the pew of hypocrisy and jump into the light of authenticity. Get off the pew!

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