Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's Prophesied

There are so many things wrong with this song.

Okay...even if you agree with the Biblical philosophy as spelled out in the oh-so-clever lyrics of this tune, the song is just an awful song. It's repetitive, boring, and the percussion patch is juvenile. Who told this poor guy he can sing? I feel so bad for the keyboard. What did it ever do to deserve this?

"...when Babylon the whore gets fried"? Wow.

Of course, this guy should know what he's talking about. He is, after all, the "Third Eagle of the Apocalypse". Really? William Tapley has produced a plethora of video instruction for us and has made it available on YouTube. He believes, among other things, that those who use condoms will not be raptured.

It's no wonder Christians get such a bad rap. This guy makes us look foolish, and he's not a true reflection of who Jesus is.

This is the deal, if we want to reach people with the amazing story of grace and perfect love, we've got to do better than this!

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