Monday, November 22, 2010

WE Are The Mission Field!

There are few things in life about which I am ashamed. However, I am confessing now that I am ashamed of my behavior over the last several months.

I have allowed people to hush me.

My faith has been shaken—again. Not my faith in God (although that wavers occasionally), rather I have come close to losing all trust in the goodness of man.

Perhaps I have given humans too much credit. I really believe that we are called to be better people tomorrow than we are today. That was, is, and will be the foundation on which I built this blog. I sincerely want to be better Christ follower tomorrow than I am today.

I am more convicted then ever before that I do not want to be called a Christian. I am a Christ follower and proud of it. Christians can be mean.

There’s a sign at the end of the very long driveway leading away from the mega-church I used to attend. The sign reminds drivers that “You Are Now Entering The Mission Field”. I hate that sign!

The banner intimates to me that the church believes it is a cocoon, shielded from the ills of the world. We need only to share the gospel with the sinners outside of the compound. This is a sad fallacy. For we have all sinned and come way short of God’s glory. When we focus solely on the mission field “out there”, we neglect the hurting and the hungry sitting in the pew next to us. The mission field is you. The mission field is me.

I’m sorry for my absence over the last few months. I need to keep holding myself accountable to God. I have officially shut down the pity party and I’m gettin’ off the pew!


  1. Welcome Back and Blessings to you:)

  2. You have your opinion....I have mine,,,,am I wrong because I like the sign that you hate ?
    To often people sit in their churches and that's it, perfectly willing to chat with people about CHRIST inside the building, but not once they leave. Christian maturity is needed,....I think ! ! !

  3. The sign, if allowed to mean the church is a cocoon shielded from the world, is not a good thing. In my experience as a Pastor, for over a decade has led me to like that sign, because my members need to realize the Christian faith is not something done one day a week, or on the church grounds. The Christian faith is to lived out in all of our lives no matter where we are, or who we encounter. The sign is a liability for Christians. It reminds them that they had better practice what they learn and proclaim on Sunday mornings in all of their lives. We are to be Christian 24/7 until the day we die. Read that, live our lives the way Jesus would live our lives if Jesus were us.