Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brenda's Mom is Crazy

Brenda and Eric are 28 years old and have been friends since kindergarten. Eric is gay.

The other day Eric said to me, "Brenda's mom is crazy." He told his story.

Whenever Eric goes to visit Brenda, her mom greets him at the door and then slips into a nearby room where he can hear her pray. She prays for Eric's salvation and for the spirit of homosexuality to flee his body. She prays loudly enough for him to hear her!

How sad it is that Eric uses the word, "crazy" to describe this Christian mom. There are so many other words that seem a bit more Christ-like. Loving. Kind. Warm. Authentic. Accepting. Hospitable. Those are a few that come to mind immediately.

I don't begrudge Brenda's mom for praying, but instead of loving Eric unconditionally, she's driving him away and perpetuating the ugly stereotyping of all Christians as gay-bashers and homophobes.

Get off the pew and recognize that we should be known by our love. Get off the pew.

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